Americans Not Comfortable Using Their Smartphone as a Credit Card

Americans Not Comfortable Using Their Smartphone as a Credit Card

 A recent poll of 2,056 Americans shows that that a large majority are not comfortable with the idea of using their smartphone like a mobile wallet that holds their credit card details. Only around one in four said they would be at ease with this as a method of making purchases at retailers etc.Harris Interactive, who conducted the survey didn’t speculate about why 76 percent of respondents would be uncomfortable putting their credit card details on their smartphone as a means of mobile payment (e.g. via scanning or bumping). The obvious reason is fears about security and what would happen if they lost their cell phone or worse if it was stolen.

Harris - Mobile Payments
Source – Harris Interactive
It seems there’s more confidence in using phones for making smaller transactions that don’t need credit card details to be stored on the smartphone, for example, scanning as an entry ticket to movies or as a rail or airline ticket. However, in practice only 5 percent of respondents say that they have actually scanned their phone for admission to a movie or as an airline ticket. Even less had used their phone to pay for a convenience item like coffee or a snack.It seems that the mobile payments industry has some way to go before customers will be confidently using their smartphones for making every day purchases.To view full details see page 2


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